Welfare Rewards

WelfareRewards_150We need your help in spreading the campaign message. And we’d like to thank you for your help. That’s where Welfare Rewards comes in!

The idea is simple; you help spread the Make Mine Chocolate! UK campaign message, and every time you complete an activity we reward you with welfare reward points that you can then ‘spend’ in our shop on some fab Make Mine Chocolate! UK merchandise – including clothing and car stickers!

Activities that can earn points include –

  • Putting up Make Mine Chocolate! UK campaign posters
  • Writing a welfare letter to your local newspaper or any other form of media – magazine, tv, radio (extra points on publication/broadcasting of course!). See our downloads are for some tips here.
  • Send our press release to your local paper – visit the downloads area for a copy to send
  • Displaying a poster/sticker on your car
  • Writing to your MP – visit out Letter to the Editor page for a link to find your local MP
  • Holding a talk at your local school/brownies/coffee morning/bake sale/work etc
  • Holding a fund raising event for Make Mine Chocolate! UK
  • Running a Make Mine Chocolate! UK welfare stand at your local fete
  • Educational talk at a school
  • Working with Make Mine Chocolate! UK on new activities
  • Getting your local pet shop to display Make Mine Chocolate! UK posters,
  • Getting your local pet shop to join the Make Mine Chocolate! UK Easter Amnesty,
  • Give out Make Mine Chocolate! UK leaflets
  • Tackling a specific welfare issue (hutch/diet) with individual and getting an improvement

This is not an exhaustive list – do your thing and let us know!

Once your activity has been verified we will credit your account with welfare points (not redeemable for cash), and these points can then be redeemed for shop items or postage for posters etc.


How to Verify Your Activity:

The easiest way is by emailing a photo of your activity, or copying us in on an email you send out. Just let us know what you are going to be doing and we can advise what we need to ensure your points get credited to your account quickly.

The objective is to ensure welfare activities are carried out and that your efforts are rewarded!

Rabbit Welfare Through Education