Hay is the mainstay of the rabbits diet - it's health depends on it! A daily diet of around 80% hay, 15% suitable vegetables and a small amount of pellets will help to maintain good dental and gut health. This contributes to emotional wellbeing too!
Domestic rabbits don't differ from their wild cousins a great deal. In the wild, rabbits cover the size of around 30 tennis courts, and are reported to be able to achieve speeds of up to 35mph. The size of a rabbits living area really does matter!
36% of rabbits entering rescue are surrendered within the first six months of ownership, showing that owners are ill-prepared for their new pet, the financial pressure or long term commitment needed.
According to the RWAF, an estimated 67,000 rabbits pass through rescue each and every year. Their previous estimate was around 35,000. A huge increase, showing that there is still much work to do to improve rabbit welfare in the UK.
Rabbit Welfare Through Education