Joining in with the Make Mine Chocolate! UK Easter Amnesty is clearly great for business!


  • Animal Welfare First – Customers have a clear commitment from your pet shop that animal welfare comes first
  • Increased Sales – A well cared for and happy pet tends to live longer – increased potential accessories and feed sales for the entire life of the rabbits
  • Repeat Business – increased customer relationship through the provision of excellent customer support ensures the likelihood of repeat business.
  • Positive PR – Creates excellent media opportunity by helping to work towards the common goal of better pet care – get the local media involved for a bit of free pr!
  • More Sales Opportunities – Increased education gives increased opportunity for sales from a greater understanding of the pets needs

OsterhaseAnimal welfare does not have to be at the expense of profit. By helping to improve animal welfare, pet shops can actually increase profit!


It’s often suggested that rabbit sales are ‘Loss Leaders’.

If this is true then it’s even more important to ensure rabbits are sold to owners who are going to care for them correctly and for their entire lives – often 10 years or more.

Maximise the potential from the Loss Leader sale for the long term; focusing on the short term wastes the loss leader.


notforsale_400How to get involved:

  • Apply for the Retailers Amnesty Pack
  • Display the Amnesty Posters in your shop
  • Display the ‘you can’t take me home today’ poster by the rabbit enclosure
  • Brief staff on the Amnesty and required action when customers show interest in rabbits
  • Send off letters to local media showing your support for rabbit welfare in store
  • Hand out Anmesty/rabbit care leaflets during, before and after the Amnesty
  • Send in your Amnesty shop photos for our gallery and further help your welfare credentials

And that’s it! You can relax knowing you are doing something great for rabbits everywhere (whilst also doing a spot of really good shop promotion at the same time … Neat!)

Please … If you are unable to participate in the full Amnesty for whatever reason, do something this Easter to help Rabbit Welfare.

Get in touch – we have some great ideas you can use in your store!

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Rabbit Welfare Through Education