Retailer Benefit

Want to ensure a healthy long term business? Ensure your customers have the right pet for them – it really is good for your business – and a benefit to the pet too!

There’s no doubt that by ensuring your customer has the right pet for them is good for your business.

If you sell animals, then making a sale to someone not committed will, of course, give an immediate sale. But what about next week, next month or even next year? Will they be back for supplies – and will they buy only the absolute basics? Where is the benefit in that? Does the profit on the sale of a rabbit cover the cost of it’s purchase and keep whilst in your care? Probably not.

The Make Mine Chocolate! UK survey revealed that almost 60% of rabbits entering rescue did so after being owned for less than a year – and of that 60%, 40% were owned for less than 6 months.

With the RWAF’s current estimate of around 67,000 rabbits passing through rescue annually, this means nearly 42,000 have been owned for less than a year before being given up to rescue.

A shocking set of statistics that endorses the fact that a significant proportion of customers buying rabbits do not consider the long term commitment they are making at the point of purchase.

Taking some time to ensure your customer commits to the right animal for their own lifestyle helps to ensure that customer will be buying supplies for the life of the animal. And with rabbits, that can be 10 years or more!

And a customer committing for the entire life of the animal is more likely to embrace the wider welfare considerations of that animal, and for rabbits that includes:

  • The need for a neutered companion rabbit. Double the consumables sales!
  • A bigger hutch and bigger run – so a better sale than a small hutch
  • Health checks and vaccinations; a healthy bunny is a longer lived bunny!
  • Generally buying higher quality products rather than basic items.
  • Products for environmental enrichment; toys and other consumables.

Of course, you may feel a rabbit is not the right pet for a particular situation. This doesn’t have to be a lost sale – in fact it’s a great opportunity to identify what would be suitable, and then you’ll find an opportunity for long term sales there too!

And of course, a happy customer is a likely to be a repeat customer.

A win for you, a win for the customer and a win for the animals too.

Being rabbit savvy really is great for your business!

Rabbit Welfare Through Education