Rabbit Care

Whether you’re a new rabbit owner, a potential new rabbit owner doing some research before taking the plunge (well done!) or an existing owner wanting to check out the latest rabbit care information, then visit our Rabbit Care section.

We’ve got information covering rabbits as pets (both indoor and outside living), an informative A to Z (great for testing your knowledge!) and a comprehensive set of quick reference guides covering individual areas of rabbit care.

Our information can be downloaded or simply viewed on-screen – your choice! Downloads are available in pdf format.


Rabbits As Pets

A section covering all aspects of rabbit care.

  • The Cost
  • Accommodation


A Quick A to Z

Check out your knowledge with our quick A to Z of facts


10 Point Care Guides

Our guides cover a wide range of rabbit care topics and are designed to give you the right information, quickly and clearly.

Areas covered include:

  • Emergency 101
  • Disaster Plan
  • Are Rabbits Right For Me
  • Winter Warmer
Rabbit Welfare Through Education