Press Release

Please get in touch with your local newspaper and help spread the word that rabbits are a long term commitment, and require the right care, the right commitment and the right healthcare.

And spreading the word about the current state of rabbit welfare will help raise the profile of rabbits, and highlight areas needing improvement.


We have added our press release below to help you get started. You can send the press release as it is, or amend it to suit your local circumstances – perhaps include some quotes or details about your local rabbit rescue, or the rabbit welfare work you carry out.

Should you have any particular requirements you would like help with, please do get in touch. We are happy to help!


Press Release


Make Mine Chocolate! Press Release – Easter

This press release, from Make Mine Chocolate! UK, includes information on:

  • The current state of rabbit welfare
  • The call to pet shops to help improve welfare
  • Get Wise to Rabbit Welfare Campaign
  • Considerations to make before buying a rabbit

Click on the image (left) to download.

And do include a picture or two if you can – perhaps one of your own rabbits or the many local rabbits in rescue needing help.

Rabbit Welfare Through Education