How It Works

The idea behind the is simple; give potential new owners a bit of time to consider the commitment they are about to make, give them some vital long term care information, and allow them to consider if indeed a rabbit (or two, as they need companionship!) is right for them.

The Make Mine Chocolate Easter Rabbit Sale Amnesty is an annual event run throughout the UK. Those participating include pet shops, rescues and individual campaign supporters.

The Amnesty runs for the two week Easter period, and during this time pet shops do not sell rabbits, or they manage a 24 / 48hr cooling off period before rabbits can be taken home.

Rabbit-Care-Book_600This cooling off time allows for potential new owners to find out a little more about the long term commitment and good rabbit care before potentially making a very costly mistake.

Retailers are provided with free educational material by make Mine Chocolate! UK, and have an excellent opportunity to promote rabbit welfare – and discuss other pet options should a rabbit turn out to be not the right pet.

In addition to preventing an impulse purchase, the campaign serves to highlight the rabbit welfare issue within the UK and help raise awareness of the correct way to care for rabbits.

Not Just For Easter

Make Mine Chocolate! UK hopes the cooling off period after purchase and the sharing of educational material can be maintained throughout the year by pet shops nationwide.

Rabbit Welfare Through Education