Show_The_Love500Rabbits are  the third most popular pet in the UK, and there’s no doubt they make wonderful pets! They are happy to live indoors as well as outdoors, and can be easily litter trained.

By having a close relationship with the household the domestic rabbit’s intelligence, inquisitiveness and undoubted charm is clear to see; they can make a delightful addition to the family.

However, rabbits are a very different pet to the more traditional cat or dog. Rabbits have very specialist needs to ensure their overall wellbeing and health, and require the right setup and the right diet. Their lives depends on it.

And contrary to popular belief, rabbits do not make cheap and easy pets. Rabbits can cost over £1000 a year (excluding any health issues). They also do not make good pets for children; most rabbits hate being held or handled, and in fright can bite or scratch – both of which can frighten or injure a child.

Make Mine Chocolate UK! is working to both educate and to help improve rabbit welfare by tackling some of the many issues surrounding rabbits. Impulse acquisition through retailers or breeders when ill prepared to make the long term commitment needed results in a huge number of rabbits being surrendered to rescue each year.

And these rescue surrendered rabbits are the luck ones! Many find themselves simply abandoned or ‘set free’ to face certain death in a territory they are ill-equipped to survive in.

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Rabbit Welfare Through Education