10 Point Care Guides

Sometimes it’s difficult to wade through huge amounts of information available on the internet about rabbit welfare and care. Especially if you just need a quick answer to a question – and you need it quick!

So we’ve produced a series of 10 Point Care Guides to cover a number of aspects of rabbit care in summary. These can be downloaded, viewed and saved or printed out as needed.

All guides are in A5 format here, but we are happy to reformat to A4 on request.

Emergency 101

Emergency 101:
Spot the signs of a bunny emergency – fast!

Disaster Plan

Disaster Plan:
Be prepared – before it happens!

Winter Warmer

Winter Warmer:
Your rabbits rely on you to keep them safe!

Are Rabbits Right?

Are Rabbits For Me?:
See what you are committing to before you buy!


Get the facts and get your rabbits vaccinated!


Rabbit Welfare Through Education