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Show_The_Love500Rabbits are  the third most popular pet in the UK, and there’s no doubt they make wonderful pets! They are happy to live indoors as well as outdoors, and can be easily litter trained.

By having a close relationship with the household the domestic rabbit’s intelligence, inquisitiveness and undoubted charm is clear to see; they can make a delightful addition to the family.

However, rabbits are a very different pet to the more traditional cat or dog. Rabbits have very specialist needs to ensure their overall wellbeing and health, and require the right setup and the right diet. Their lives depends on it.

And contrary to popular belief, rabbits do not make cheap and easy pets. Rabbits can cost over £1000 a year (excluding any health issues). They also do not make good pets for children; most rabbits hate being held or handled, and in fright can bite or scratch – both of which can frighten or injure a child.

Make Mine Chocolate UK! is working to both educate and to help improve rabbit welfare by tackling some of the many issues surrounding rabbits. Impulse acquisition through retailers or breeders when ill prepared to make the long term commitment needed results in a huge number of rabbits being surrendered to rescue each year.

And these rescue surrendered rabbits are the luck ones! Many find themselves simply abandoned or ‘set free’ to face certain death in a territory they are ill-equipped to survive in.

Help us spread the word that rabbits need the right care and commitment. Get in touch now!

The Easter Amnesty

2013_poster_thumbIt is time to make a significant improvement of rabbit welfare in the UK and Make Mine Chocolate! UK is dedicated to this objective.

With ground-breaking projects such as the Easter Amnesty, Make Mine Chocolate! UK is working hard to spread the message that Rabbits are a life-long commitment; those not ready could buy a chocolate one instead.

By tackling this issue head-on at one of the biggest sources of impulse purchases by those who have not considered the long term and finanical commitment being made, it is hoped the Easter Amnesty will help prevent the many thousand annual impulse buys that then get surrendered to rescue in the months following.

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Want To Know More About Rabbit Care?

Rabbits TogetherWhether you're a new rabbit owner, a potential new rabbit owner doing some research before taking the plunge (well done!) or an existing owner wanting to check out the latest rabbit care information, then visit our Rabbit Care section.

We've got information covering rabbits as pets (both indoor and outside living), an informative A to Z (great for testing your knowledge!) and a comprehensive set of quick reference guides covering individual areas of rabbit care.

Our information can be downloaded or simply viewed on-screen - your choice! Downloads are available in pdf format.

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Did You Know?

According to the RWAF, an estimated 67,000 rabbits pass through rescue each and every year. Their previous estimate was around 35,000. A huge increase, showing that there is still much work to do to improve rabbit welfare in the UK.
36% of rabbits entering rescue are surrendered within the first six months of ownership, showing that owners are ill-prepared for their new pet, the financial pressure or long term commitment needed.
Domestic rabbits don't differ from their wild cousins a great deal. In the wild, rabbits cover the size of around 30 tennis courts, and are reported to be able to achieve speeds of up to 35mph. The size of a rabbits living area really does matter!
Hay is the mainstay of the rabbits diet - it's health depends on it! A daily diet of around 80% hay, 15% suitable vegetables and a small amount of pellets will help to maintain good dental and gut health. This contributes to emotional wellbeing too!
Rabbit Welfare Through Education